⚠️ WAPM is now unified into Wasmer
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wapm installWebAssembly apps and libraries
Apps, libraries, and native executables that run
on Linux, macOS, and Windows.
Explore packages


Execute and try modules online, Wasm
apps are playable in the browser.

WAPM’s built-in Wasm shell leverages wasmer-wasi and
a built-in virtual file system that enables seamless
server-side or bowser-based deployents.

Look at all those featuresEverything you need to make WAPM the new home
for all your WebAssembly apps and libraries.

Like & watch
packages you’re
interested in.

Support projects you love or find popular modules
backed by the largest community.

Collaborate with
people on packages

Working with the community or team members is
easy. Invite collaborators with their email address
or WAPM user name and start working together.

Share packages publicly or
make them private.


Cloud compile your WebAssembly packages
into native executables to ensure they can run

and filter packages
to find exactly what
you need

Use WAPM’s free-form text, package tags, and
advanced filters to narrow down exactly what
you’re looking for.

Group and manage related
packages and permissions

User, namespace, and package settings simplfy collaboration, sharing, and much more.

What are you waiting for?Getting started takes no time at all, sign-up, set up the
tools, and start building universal apps and libraries.