A Matrix effect in your terminal using AssemblyScript 🚀 and WASI 🧩 . Deployed to WAPM 📦 .

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wapm install Fawad/wasm-matrix

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A Matrix Effect in your terminal using AssemblyScript 🚀 and WASI 🧩 . Deployed to WAPM 📦 .

Uses the AssemblyScript WASI bindings, with some help from Wasa.

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Install using WAPM:

wapm install -g torch2424/wasm-matrix

And then run wasm-matrix:

wapm run wasm-matrix -l $LINES -c $COLUMNS


Currently, in version 0.0.1 this isn't using the clock subscription, and using an old school while(true) loop to run the matrix. Thus, this will peg a core of CPU, wouldn't suggest running this on a cheap single core droplet (server). 🙂


Feel free to fork and submit PRs! Opening an issue is reccomended before starting any development, as a discussion would be nice on the idea / feature before writing code. Any help is much appreciated, and would be a ton of fun! 🎉


This project's setup is meant to follow a standard Node app. Install Node with nvm, git clone the project, and npm install, and you should be good to go!

Build your changes with: npm run build.

Run the project with the standard usage: wapm run wasm-matrix -l $LINES -c $COLUMNS.


  • AssemblyScript - Typescript(-ish) to WebAssembly Compiler.

  • Wasa - An AssemblyScript API layer for WASI system calls [WIP].

  • Wasi - System interface for WebAssembly

  • WAPM - A WebAssembly package manager built on top of Wasmer.

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