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A bLazInGlY fAsT, skinnier version of the ancient tree command which displays a colorful depth indented listing of files with their memory sizes adjacent.


    erdtree [directory] [options]

    directory     Directory to traverse. Defaults to current working directory.

    -l            Unsigned integer indicating many nested directory levels to display. Defaults to all.
    -p            Comma-separated list of prefixes. Directories containing any of
                  these prefixes will not be traversed. Their memory size will also be ignored.
    -s [asc|desc] Sort tree by memory-size. 
    -h            Displays help prompt.



  1. Make sure you have Rust and its toolchain installed.
  2. $ cargo install --git https://github.com/solidiquis/erdtree
  3. The executable should then be located in $HOME/.cargo/bin/.

Manual Installation

Download the binaries for your appropriate architecture from the releases section. Currently available are binaries for Darwin systems only.


$ brew tap solidiquis/tap
$ brew install erdtree

Disambiguation about units for memory

As recommended in IEC 80000-13, this utility will report memory sizes using SI units rather than binary units. As such you can expect 1KB = 1000B and not 1KiB = 1024B.

Questions you might have

Q: Why did you make this? It's totally unnecessary.

A: I had two six-hour flights and got bored.

Q: Is it any good?

A: Yes.

Q: How do you know that this is blazingly fast?

A: I wrote it in Rust.

Actual benchmarks

This is not a rigorous way to perform benchmarks but here is how erdtree compares with tree in traversing a directory that is 3.5GB in size. Please note that erdtree is not a 1-to-1 port of tree as tree comes with many more sophisticated features that I felt most wouldn't use, but I've gotten enough interest that warranted this rough comparison.


$ time erdtree >> /dev/null
erdtree >> /dev/null  0.35s user 1.55s system 99% cpu 1.918 total
$ time erdtree >> /dev/null
erdtree >> /dev/null  0.35s user 0.90s system 99% cpu 1.255 total
$ time erdtree >> /dev/null
erdtree >> /dev/null  0.35s user 0.89s system 99% cpu 1.253 total


$ time tree >> /dev/null
tree >> /dev/null  0.64s user 1.04s system 99% cpu 1.690 total
$ time tree >> /dev/null
tree >> /dev/null  0.63s user 1.03s system 99% cpu 1.669 total
$ time tree >> /dev/null
tree >> /dev/null  0.63s user 1.05s system 97% cpu 1.719 total

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