Submission for WASM-4 Jam #2.

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wapm install hiddendev/ninja-vs-knights

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This is an example repo showcasing how to publish your WASM-4 game as a package to WAPM.

All packages properly tagged and showing up on will opt-in for the prize of the WASM-4 Jam #2

1. Install Wasmer

curl -sSfL | sh

For other installation instructions you can visit this page:

Note: If you have Wasmer already installed, make sure that your wapm version is 0.5.5 or greater. Any new installation of Wasmer will install the latest version of WAPM

wapm --version

2. Open an account in WAPM

Open an account in WAPM.

3. Login into the wapm CLI

You can login via two different ways:

4. Create the wapm.toml

You can use the reference wapm.toml and update the details.

Don't forget it to put the proper name for the package YOUR_USERNAME/THE_NAME_OF_THE_GAME and a good description for it.

Note: You can also type wapm init and follow the instructions (you will need to select the WASM4 ABI)

Example wapm.toml file:

5. Create a file

Next to your wapm.toml, create a file named

This will help other people to see instructions or any other useful insights about your game.

6. Publish the package

Publish the package to wapm:

wapm publish

You need to execute this where the wapm.toml file is located.

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