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Rainbows and unicorns!

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wapm install lolcat

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The good ol' lolcat, now with fearless concurrency.

To install it, execute:

wapm install lolcat

Look at deez colors

Run lolcat on everything you like and you'll never have to wonder about the dullness of your life. See? It's that simple.


Seriously? It's the MIT license.

Building from Source

First, you will need the WASI target installed in your Rust system:

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-wasi --toolchain nightly

Once WASI is available, you can build the WebAssembly binary by yourself with:

cargo +nightly build --release --target wasm32-unknown-wasi

This will create a new file located at target/wasm32-unknown-wasi/release/cowsay.wasm.

When the wasm file is created you can upload it to wapm or execute it with wasmer:

wapm publish
# OR
echo "Hey" | wasmer run  target/wasm32-unknown-wasi/release/lolcat.wasm

You can also build a native executable with

cargo build