wapm Trademark Policy

This policy describes wapm trademarks and how you may use them. For information on what to do if someone infringes a trademark of yours with a confusing package name, see the Dispute Resolution Policy.

What is wapm?

The wapm project contains two main parts:

  1. The wapm client. It is a command line tool to install and publish packages.
  2. The wapm registry service. Wasmer, Inc. runs the registry as a free (as in beer) public service for anyone wanting to publish an open source package and for anyone to install an open source package.

Why Wasmer, Inc. has a trademark policy

"wapm" and the wapm logos are trademarks owned by Wasmer, Inc. We have developed this trademark usage policy to make it clear how other businesses and projects can (and cannot) use the wapm name and logos.

General rules

  • When referring to the wapm software in body text, the first usage should be followed by a generic term such as "package manager," "services" or "client" to provide context.
  • "wapm" should never be used or explained as an acronym.
  • When referring to the wapm public registry, please follow wapm with the word "registry" or the phrase "public registry".
  • When referring to a private registry for wapm packages, please describe it as "private registry for wapm packages" or a "proxy of the wapm registry".
  • References to the owner of the wapm client software and the operator of the wapm public registry should be to "Wasmer, Inc."
  • Any materials referring to wapm should include the following notice in the footer or wherever you may have your own trademark notice: "wapm is a registered trademark of Wasmer, Inc."

Nominative use - No need to type ™ on Twitter®

"Nominative" or "referential" use means to refer to something or someone else by their trademark. So it's perfectly OK to use "wapm" to refer to Wasmer, Inc., the wapm client, wapm code, and the wapm public registry. A referential use is generally going to be in a sentence or sentence fragment, like "first install the wapm client," or in a book or article title. The use should not be attention-getting or potentially misperceived as suggesting "wapm" is your own name, project, product or services.

It is not a referential use to incorporate the letters "wapm" or any of the wapm logos in the name or logo for your own company or its projects, products, services or social media handles.

If you need to use "wapm" to indicate compatibility, you should use "wapm" after your own product or service name and an accurate preposition:

  • Pink Unicorn Consulting Ltd. services for wapm
  • Purple Unicorn Inc. private registry server compatible with the wapm client
  • Kappa, a hirearchical proxy of the wapm registry

You need to ask for permission for any uses not described. When in doubt about your use of the wapm name or logo, please contact Wasmer, Inc. for clarification.

Requesting permission

We like to make it easy for anyone to use the wapm name or logo for community-oriented efforts that help spread and improve wapm. We are therefore likely to grant permission to use the wapm name and logo in the following ways:

  • For projects where:

    • The primary purpose of your project is to promote the spread and improvement of the wapm client software or the wapm registry service.
    • Your project is non-commercial in nature (it can make money to cover its costs or contribute to non-profit entities, but it cannot be run as a for-profit project or business).
    • Your project neither promotes nor is associated with entities that currently fail to comply with the Artistic License 2.0 under which wapm is distributed, or which are in violation of this trademark policy.
  • For a user group name where:

    • The main focus of the group is the software.
    • Any software or services the group provides are without cost.
    • The group does not make a profit.
    • Any charge to attend meetings are to cover the cost of the venue, food and drink only.

Any other requests are not likely to be granted licenses, but feel free to ask.

The wapm Logos

Our wapm Logos are very recognizable and deserves special treatment. The wapm Logos signify us, or a special relationship with us, and you may use them only with our permission. Since the goal is to avoid confusion about you being us, or your relationship with us, context counts. We will consider requests on a case-by-case basis.


This is a living document and may be updated from time to time.


Copyright © Wasmer, Inc.

This document may be reused under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.