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0.0.1-alpha.2 Public • Published 5 months ago617.34 KB

Ultimaker Cura Engine for Web Assembly

Copy and paste to install this package
wapm install cloud-cnc-bot/cura-engine


launchGithub (grade - call_split - error_outline - open issues/PRs)

Cura Engine

WAPM Build Publish

Cura Engine for Web Assembly (WASM).

If you're trying to embed Cura Engine into your web application, check out Cura WASM instead (Which uses this package under the hood).


wapm install cloud-cnc-bot/cura-engine

Note: you'll need to install WAPM first.


# Print help message
wapm run cura-engine -- help

# Slice Benchy for an Ultimaker 2
git clone

wget -O benchy.stl

wapm run cura-engine --dir=./cura/resources/definitions --dir=. -- slice -j ./cura/resources/definitions/ultimaker2.def.json -o ./benchy.gcode -l ./data/benchy.stl



  1. Check out the code
  2. Build the Docker container:
docker build . -f docker/build.dockerfile -t cloud-cnc/cura-engine
  1. Run the Docker container:
docker run -it --name cura-engine cloud-cnc/cura-engine
  1. Build Cura Engine:
# This should be run within the container


What is this fork for?

This fork contains a version of Cura Engine compatible with and optimized for WASM.

How close is this fork supposed to remain to the source?

Fairly close to reduce the amount of time it takes to support new versions of Cura Engine.

Can I contribute?

Yes, absolutely. If you're looking for something specific to help with, performance improvements are always welcome.

How does this fork work?

Every Saturday at 00:00 UTC, sync.yml will create a pull request to synchronize this fork with it's upstream source and attempt to automatically merge it. On each push, build.yml will build and test this fork. When a new release is created, publish.yml will publish it to WAPM.

License Obligations

Downstream Modifications

You can view downstream modifications by running:

# Add the upstream repository
git remote add upstream

# Pull commits from upstream
git pull upstream master

# Show the differences between the upstream and downstream
git diff upstream/master..origin/main


The source of this fork is

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