Term and Licenses

Wasmer, Inc. offers software and services under a few different licenses and terms of use.

Software from wapm

License terms and notices for the wapm command-line program can be found in the LICENSE file of the project's source code at (https://github.com/wasmerio/wapm-cli ).

Free to use wapm services

Free usage of https://wapm.io, the wapm public registry is covered by the wapm Open Source Terms at /policies/open-source-terms. These terms include several important policies, including:

  • What wapm considers acceptable package content.

  • wapm's Code of Conduct, which includes our policy on harassment.

  • wapm's Privacy Policy, which limits use and sharing of information about you collected by wapm Services.

  • wapm's Dispute Policy which addresses how to resolve disputes over the control of a package name, user name, or organization name in the Public Registry. This includes our policy on users "squatting" on these names.

  • User of wapm's trademarks is governed by our Trademark Policy. If you have concerns about your own trademark's use on wapm please see our Disputes Policy.